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2017 Notice of Educational Opportunities


Richland Center High School has been named to the 6th Annual AP Honor Roll. Click here for more information.


Richland Center High School Band receives the 2016 SupportMusic Merit Award from the NAMM Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education. This marks the fourth consecutive year to receive the award. Press Release.


Students in Richland Center are MOVING MORE & LEARNING MORE. Click here for video.


Doudna Elementary School Receives National Blue Ribbon Award. Click here for more information.


Richland Middle School Receives School of Recognition Award.


Jefferson Elementary School Receives Wisconsin School of Recognition Honors.



The Richland School District is located in the scenic hills of the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin.  There are approximately 1450 students enrolled in the district in 3 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

About Us

This year weather has certainly disrupted the start of our school year, with four full days and three partial days without instruction due to heavy rains and flooding in September. Many people have already posed the question about make up days and what we will need to do if we have a winter of heavy snow. However, this is not the worst year that we have experienced. Some years in the past were actually worse. Here is some interesting historical information.


 In 1992-93 the District closed school 9.5 days, held six early dismissals and delayed school four times. That dismal year started in September, when school had to close for floods, and ended with the last snow day on April 20 of 1993. 1993-94 was another year with many school closings. The District closed school for six full days, had one early dismissal and three school delays. There were floods and cold weather throughout the year. In 2000-01 school was closed six days, dismissed early twice and had five delays to the start of the school day.


 As for the procedure for making up the time, there is only one requirement that the District must fulfill. Since 2013, Act 257 mandates schools to instruct students for required minimum hours of instruction differing at certain grade levels. The required number of hours of instruction at each grade level are as follows: 437 hours in Kindergarten; Grades 1-6 must have 1,050 hours per year; Grades 7-12 must have 1,137 hours per year; and 4-year-old Kindergarten (if offered) must have 437 hours per year.


 Since the District holds longer school days than the minimum at each level, all levels have plenty of planned hours of instruction remaining in the school year to satisfy that required by by law. If we have more unprecedented weather, I have worked on a plan that will lengthen the schools days if needed. Many times, our younger students in 4k must make up a day. They often do this on a Friday, since our classes generally run Monday – Wednesday and Tuesday – Thursday. The Lincoln staff work this out with families, who are notified of any makeups days well in advance.


 However, please do not be alarmed. We will continue to monitor the weather, and close school, delay school or release early when necessary. If the weather forecast is looking bad, please remember to listen to the radio or watch the news early in the morning. Making up hours of instruction will be decided if, or when, it must happen to remain compliant with the law. We will notify our parents and community well in advance if we need to make up days. My goal is to impact family time as little as possible. Until then, stay warm, stay safe and hope for a mild winter and early spring.


 If you have questions, please call the office at 608-647-6106 or check the district website at www.richland.k12.wi.us.


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The voters in the Richland District have approved all three Referendum questions.

Click here for Referenda Information


In an effort to help promote and maintain a safe environment for students and staff, the District has developed and implemented numerous safety and environmental programs.


In order to perform work within the District, the District is requiring that prior to commencing work on school district property, all contractors and sub-contractors complete an “Outside Contractor Notification”.  This notification can be accessed with the following link:


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District Calendar at a Glance

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Construction Information
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Construction on all of the Richland School District buildings is in full swing! Temporary entrances have been posted at all buildings.


The District Office personnel have been moved into temporary quarters for the next few months during the construction and remodeling project.  Our entrance door is not operational during the construction.  If you come to see any of us, you will need to enter the building at the temporary high school entrance (see photo), stop in the high school office (which can be found in room 112), and ask them to let us know you are on your way to our offices.


Here is where District Offices can be located:


Room 173 (across from the District Office permanent location, between Mr. Board’s and Mr. Dray’s science rooms):  Jarred Burke, Kathy Fry, Brian Jones, Laura Steele


Room 151 (Math/Science hallway, next to Mrs. Jones):  Shelley Anders, Lori Pizer, Jill Sommer


Math Office (Math/Science hallway, other side of Mrs. Jones):  Kathy Stoltz


Room 150 (Math/Science hallway, next to Mrs. Tjossem):  Todd Ostrander, Melissa Smith, Shaun Tjossem


Please, be careful when in all of our buildings around the construction areas. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this construction!





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