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A Third Grade Webquest


Suzanne Bauer



Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Bugs are found all over the world (except Antarctica)! Rainforests are the most biodiverse ecosystems there are in our world. Can you imagine how many different kinds of bugs there are in the rainforest?



You and your partner are Entomologists in the Amazon Rainforest. You have both just discovered a new species of insect. You will investigate and share your new mystery bug with the world (our class)!



Step 1

You and your partner will investigate insect websites to help you both decide the following about your mystery bug:

question markMy Mystery Bugquestion mark

bug bullet Physical Characteristics

bug bulletHabitat

bug bullet Diet

bug bullet Life Cycle

bug bullet Helpful or Harmful to Humans


Step 2

You and your partner will determine your mystery bug's name, physical characteristics, habitat, diet, life cycle, and whether your insect is helpful or harmful to people. You will use the mystery bug planning template to plan your insect.


Step 3

You and your partner will create a short multi-media slideshow of your mystery bug using Kid Pix Studio Deluxe. You will both design at least six slides about your mystery bug. Your slides should explain:

* Name of your insect

* Three Physical Characteristics

* Habitat

* Diet

* Life Cycle

* Helpful or Harmful to Humans


Step 4

You and your partner will make a paper mache model of your mystery bug.

lantern bug

Click here to visit a website that explains how to make paper mache insects


Step 5

Next you and your partner will rehearse your slideshow presentation. Finally you and your partner will share your mystery bug slideshow and paper mache bug model with our class.

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Mystery Bug Websites

Insects and Arachnids - This site is titled Animals of the World. Just select insects and arachnids. Great information on bugs! Don't miss the very fun Bug Guessing Game too!

Rainforest Insects - Find out about rainforest bugs!

Ladybugs - Everything you'd want to know about ladybugs!

Giant Madagascar Millipede - Some grow to be a foot long- Check it out!

Summer Insect Sounds - Prepare to be serenaded!

Wanted- World's Most Notorious Bugs - Pests, Pests, and more Pests!

Make Friends With Your Beneficial Insects- Bugs can be our friends too!

Ant Boy's Bug World - Ant Boy knows his bugs!



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You and your partner will be evaluated with a student rubric and a teacher rubric.




What a fascinating new species of insect! I'm relieved that they are only found in the Amazon rainforest! You and your partner have proven that you are top-notch Entomologists with all that you now know about insects. Your mystery bug would give you both "two antennas up"!

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Created 10/00 by Suzanne Bauer
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